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PowerPort Lawsuit MDL 3081 Case Management Orders (CMOs)

PowerPort litigation MDL 3081 case management orders (CMOs) - stay up to date on the PowerPort lawsuits in MDL 3081.

PowerPort MDL 3081 CMOs

Below are links to the Case Management Orders (CMOs) that have been entered in the Bard PowerPort MDL 3081.  There are approximately 250 Bard PowerPort lawsuits on file as part of MDL 3081. The Bard PowerPort MDL was formed in 2023 and there are already a couple dozen PowerPort case management orders. Bookmark this page to stay up to date with the fast-moving Bard PowerPort litigation as additional case management orders are issued.

August 8, 2023: JPML Transfer Order – Creation of MDL 3081 “In Re: Bard Implanted Port Catheter Products Liability Litigation

September 19, 2023: CMO 1 – Appointment of Bard PowerPort Leadership

September 19, 2023: CMO 2 – Protective Orders, ESI Protocol, Preservation Order, Pleading & Filing Procedures, Motions to Dismiss, Bellwether Selection, Discovery, Trial, and More

October 26, 2023: CMO 3- Adoption of PowerPort Leadership Attorney’s Duties and PowerPort Liaison Counsel Reporting Duties

October 26, 2023: CMO 4 – PowerPort Common Benefit Matters

October 26, 2023: CMO 5 – Appointing Judge Marina Corodemus (Ret.) as Bard PowerPort Common-Benefit Special Master

November 22, 2023: CMO 6 – Second Suboxone Case Management Conference

November 22, 2023: CMO 7 – PowerPort Master Complaint, Master Answer, Direct Filing & Short-Form Complaint (SFC), and Waiver of Service

November 22, 2023: CMO 8 – Profile Forms for PowerPort Lawsuits

November 11, 2023: CMO 9 – Common Fact & PowerPort Expert Discovery Schedule

Bard PowerPort Lawsuit Information

For more information on the status and history of the Bard PowerPort lawsuits in MDL 3081, visit our page on Bard PowerPort Lawsuits MDL 3081. For a free Bard PowerPort consultation with one of our Bard PowerPort attorneys, please call 202-792-7927.


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