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Stephanie Iken

Stephanie Iken

Law Clerk

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Stephanie Iken grew up in a military family, with her mother, father, brother, uncles, and grandfather all proudly serving in the US Air Force. The values of integrity, service, and excellence were woven into the fabric of her upbringing. However, Stephanie experienced adversity early on. At a young age, she was the victim of childhood sexual assault by a wealthy man in a position of trust. Then in 2005, Hurricane Katrina destroyed Stephanie’s family home in Biloxi, MS, forcing them to move to Colorado. These experiences shaped Stephanie into a compassionate and empathetic advocate for victims’ rights.

During Stephanie’s high school years, she maintained consistently strong academic performance. Stephanie also participated in Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC), where she developed leadership skills and a strong sense of discipline. Stephanie Iken graduated as second in her class in 2011. Stephanie then carried that drive into higher education, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at the University of Colorado, with honors, cum laude. In school, Stephanie learned to approach every challenge with empathy, understanding, and thoughtfulness. In her professional career, Stephanie applies these lessons to navigate all complexities with compassion.

Why Stephanie Iken Loves Her Job

Stephanie’s work in complex tort litigation is more than just a career—it’s a calling. Stephanie is deeply passionate about advocating for those who have been harmed by toxic chemicals, medical devices, or pharmaceuticals. Stephanie’s commitment to this field began with her grandfather’s exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam and her own personal experiences with injustice. These traumatic life events fueled Stephanie’s desire to fight for those affected by corporate negligence.

To Stephanie, each case represents a person’s story, their voice, and their hope for justice. Over the years, Stephanie Iken has helped manage over 30,000 individual tort cases. Stephanie Iken has assisted in coordinating significant settlements, including a notable $19.5 million settlement in the Monsanto/Roundup litigation, which she has found to be been incredibly fulfilling. This work allows Stephanie to give a voice to the voiceless and to stand up for victims fighting against powerful corporations. To Stephanie, every case is not just a file number but a person whose life has been turned upside down through no fault of their own.

What drives Stephanie Iken is the opportunity to bring justice to those wronged by powerful corporations. Each victory, no matter how small, reaffirms her belief in the importance of this work. As a law clerk for Nigh, Goldenberg, Raso & Vaughn, Stephanie is committed to making a tangible difference in the lives of those we represent, ensuring their stories are heard and they receive the justice they deserve. The ability to stand up for the innocent and to fight for what is right is what makes Stephanie’s work profoundly meaningful and fulfilling to her.

Hobbies and Free Time

In Stephanie’s free time, she enjoys birdwatching, yoga, and CrossFit, which help her stay active and balanced. She enjoys traveling frequently between Mississippi, Florida, and Colorado to visit her family and loved ones. During the school semesters, Stephanie volunteers at a cat shelter and foster shelter cats in Oxford, MS. As a disaster survivor, Stephanie is a lifelong volunteer, donor, and supporter of the American Red Cross. Stephanie’s community involvement reflects my commitment to my community, to victims, and to justice.



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