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Partner Marlene Goldenberg Appointed to Uber MDL Leadership Position

Marlene Goldenberg of NGRV gets Court appointed to leadership of the Uber sexual assault MDL 3084.

Partner Marlene Goldenberg Appointed to Uber MDL Plaintiffs Steering Committee

Marlene Goldenberg, a renowned attorney with a significant reputation for her legal skill, has been appointed to the Plaintiffs Steering Committee in Uber’s Multi-District Litigation (MDL). This role highlights Goldenberg’s expertise and her commitment to advocating for justice on behalf of those who need it most.

A Brief Introduction to Marlene Goldenberg

Marlene Goldenberg is a Founding Partner at Nigh Goldenberg Raso & Vaughn, specializing in a range of practice areas including defective drugs, medical devices, product liability, and personal injury cases. A graduate with honors from the William Mitchell College of Law, St. Paul, Minnesota, and BPP Law School, London, she is a seasoned attorney dedicated to using the law to improve the world.

Goldenberg’s Noteworthy Achievements

Throughout her career, Marlene Goldenberg has been recognized for her legal acumen. She has served on Plaintiff Steering Committees and Plaintiff Executive Committees in national litigations, such as the Valsartan lawsuit MDL 2875 and the Paraquat lawsuit MDL 3004. Additionally, her skills have been acknowledged by leading legal publications, earning her accolades such as being selected by Best Lawyers® in Minnesota for 2022 and 2023, and the 2018 Member of the Year by the Minnesota Association for Justice.

Goldenberg’s Role in the Uber MDL 3084

In the wake of sexual assault allegations against Uber drivers, a Multi-District Litigation was established to handle the sheer number of these cases. Marlene Goldenberg has been appointed to the Plaintiffs Steering Committee in the Uber Technologies, INC Passenger Sexual Assault Litigation. In this role, she is instrumental in guiding the litigation process towards ensuring justice for the victims.

The Uber MDL is a complex litigation involving multiple plaintiffs alleging varying degrees of sexual assault by Uber drivers. These cases have been consolidated for pretrial proceedings in a single federal district court, The United States District Court for the Northern District of California. The appointment of Marlene Goldenberg to leadership for this MDL is a significant recognition of her expertise and commitment to representing survivors of sexual assault. 

The Role of the Plaintiffs Steering Committee

As a member of the Plaintiffs Steering Committee, Goldenberg’s responsibilities include shaping the strategic direction of the litigation and managing and coordinating the plaintiffs’ efforts during pretrial proceedings. This involves determining collective positions on legal matters, overseeing the discovery process, and leading settlement negotiations. The Steering Committee is essential for ensuring a unified and effective approach in complex litigations like the Uber MDL.

Two female passengers seated in the back of an Uber, reflecting potential clients in rideshare litigation.

Goldenberg’s Approach to Legal Practice

Goldenberg’s approach to her legal practice is marked by a strong commitment to her clients. She believes in the power of the law to make the world a safer place and fights tirelessly to ensure that her clients receive the justice they deserve.

The Impact of Goldenberg’s Appointment

Marlene Goldenberg’s appointment to the Plaintiffs Steering Committee in the Uber MDL underscores her legal expertise and dedication to justice. It signifies the legal community’s trust in her abilities to lead and coordinate in high-stakes litigation.


The appointment of Marlene Goldenberg to the Plaintiffs Steering Committee in the Uber MDL is a testament to her legal skill and dedication to justice for survivors of sexual assault. With her involvement, the plaintiffs in this litigation can be assured that they have a strong and committed advocate fighting on their behalf. Her appointment reflects not just her legal expertise but also her commitment to making the world a safer place through the law.


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