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Paraquat Lawsuit MDL 3004 Case Management Orders (CMOs)

All case management orders (CMOs) for the Paraquat lawsuits consolidated in MDL 3004.

Case management orders (CMOs) entered in the Paraquat lawsuits consolidated in MDL 3004 are linked below. Case management orders are a great way to stay up to date on the Paraquat litigation. Bookmark this page, as we update this page with new case management orders for the Paraquat litigation as they are entered. 

06/07/2021: JPML Transfer Order – Creation of Paraquat Lawsuit MDL 3004

6/10/2021: CMO 1 – Applicability of Order, Consolidation, Master Docket, Filing Procedures, Initial Conference, and Interim Measures

07/06/2021: CMO 2 – Appointing Plaintiffs’ Leadership

07/06/2021: CMO 3 – Proposing Appointment of Special Master

07/14/2021: CMO 4 – Appointment of Special Master

07/23/2021: CMO 5 – Deadlines Following 7/23/2021 Case Management Conference

09/03/2021: CMO 7 – Plaintiffs Assessment Questionnaire (PAQ) and Plaintiff’s Fact Sheet (PFS)

09/10/2021: CMO 8 -12(b)(6) Procedures and Deadlines

10/13/2021: CMO 9 – Establishing Common Benefit Fee and Expense Fund

10/27/2021: CMO 10 – Plaintiff Assessment Questionnaire (PAQ) Implementation

11/01/2021: CMO 11 – Dismissal of CP Chem, Phillips 66, Chevron Corporation, and Cases Against Chevron U.S.A. Inc. Alleging Exposures After 1990

12/03/2021: CMO 12 – Protocol for the Selection of Paraquat Trial Cases

03/07/2022: CMO 12 Amended – Protocol for the Selection of Paraquat Trial Cases

12/15/2021: CMO 13 – Rule 502(d) and Privilege Materials Order

08/16/2022: CMO 14 – Reappointing Plaintiffs’ Leadership

08/17/2022: CMO 15 – Resetting Dispositive Motion Deadlines and Trial Date

12/12/2022: CMO 16 – Resetting Expert Deadlines, Dispositive Motion Deadlines, and Trial Date

04/21/2023: CMO 17 – Procedure for Daubert and Summary Judgment Motions

05/15/2023: CMO 18 – Relating to Deceased Plaintiffs’ Submissions and Cases Based on Implausible Theories of Proof

07/28/2023: CMO 19 – Relating to Hearing on Daubert Motions

Paraquat Lawsuit Information

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