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Ozempic Lawsuit MDL 3094 Case Management Orders (CMOs)

Ozempic litigation MDL 3094 case management orders (CMOs) - stay current on the latest updates related to the Ozempic lawsuits in MDL 3094.

Ozempic MDL 3094 CMOs

Below are links to the case management orders (CMOs) entered in the Ozempic lawsuit MDL 3094. Ozempic lawsuits have been filed around the nation alleging that the drug caused bowel obstructions and other GI disorders. Case management orders are an excellent way to stay up to date on the status of the Ozempic lawsuits that are part of MDL 3094. Bookmark this page so that you can check in on the latest Ozempic lawsuit updates.

02/02/2024: JPML Transfer Order – Creation of MDL 3094

02/15/2024: CMO 1 – Initial Ozempic Lawsuit Organizational Conference for Counsel with the Court and Related Preliminary Matters

02/16/2024: CMO 2 – Pro Hac Vice Appearances in Ozempic Lawsuits

04/23/2024: CMO 3 – Initial Ozempic Leadership Appointments

04/23/2024: CMO 4 – Preservation Order

04/26/2024: CMO 5 – Ozempic Science Day (Vacated)

05/08/2024: CMO 6 – Ozempic Leadership Expanded

06/06/2024: CMO 7 – Status Conference on June 10, 2024, with Honorable Karen Marston

06/10/2024: CMO 8 – Pro Hac Vice

06/25/2024: CMO 9 – Privilege Logging Order

Ozempic Lawsuit Information

For more information on each Ozempic case management order and the status of the Ozempic lawsuits in MDL 3094, visit our page on Ozempic Lawsuit MDL 3094. For a free Ozempic lawsuit consultation with one of our Ozempic attorneys, please call 202-792-7927


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