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Covidien Hernia Mesh MDL 3029 Case Management Orders (CMOs)

All case management orders (CMOs) for the Covidien hernia mesh lawsuits consolidated in MDL 3029.

MDL 3029 Covidien Hernia Mesh Case Management Orders

Below are links to each case management order in MDL 3029 for the Covidien hernia mesh lawsuits. Staying current with the Covidien hernia mesh case management orders is a good way to stay up to date on the status of MDL 3029. The Covidien hernia mesh MDL is recently formed and new case management orders are regularly entered by the court. Bookmark this page, as Covidien hernia mesh case management orders are added once they have been entered on the docket for MDL 3029.

CMO 1, 6/16/2022, Interim Appointment of Leadership

CMO 2, 6/27/2022, Suspending Deadlines & Staying Responsive Pleadings

CMO 3, 12/21/2022, Regarding The Production of Hard Copy Documents And Electronically Stored Information

CMO 4, 12/21/2022, Scheduling Order

CMO 5, 12/21/2022, Regarding Plaintiff Profile Forms and Defendant Profile Forms

CMO 6, 02/01/2023, Dismissal of Certain Defendant Entities – Stipulated

CMO 7, 02/02/2023, Governing Initial Pleadings

CMO 8, 04/03/2023, Regarding Plaintiff Fact Sheets

CMO 9, 05/11/2023, Science Day

CMO 10, 9/18/2023, Amending Leadership

CMO 11, 9/18/2023, Dispositive Motions & Trials

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