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Partner Marlene Goldenberg Appointed to Uber MDL Leadership Position.

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Partner Marlene Goldenberg Appointed to Uber MDL Plaintiffs Steering Committee Marlene Goldenberg, a renowned attorney with a significant reputation for her legal skill, has been appointed to the Plaintiffs Steering Committee in Uber’s Multi-District Litigation (MDL). This role highlights Goldenberg’s expertise and her commitment to advocating for justice on behalf of those who need it […]

Uber’s Response to the Sexual Assault Litigation: A Thorough Examination

Uber car interior with New York skyscrapers, reflecting Uber's legal challenges in rideshare industry.

Amidst the allegations and legal battles, Uber recently voiced its stance on multidistrict litigation (MDL). On August 18, Uber attorneys filed a brief in opposition (PDF) to consolidating the Uber lawsuits. This article aims to delve into Uber’s response, dissecting its implications for the pending lawsuits and the future of the rideshare industry. Introduction Uber, […]

From Darkness to Light: Unveiling the Truth of Clergy Sexual Abuse in Illinois

Empty church pews symbolizing the aftermath of the clergy sexual abuse scandal in Illinois

Introduction: Unraveling a Grievous History In the heartland of America, an unimaginable horror has been brought to light – the rampant and systemic sexual abuse of children within the hallowed walls of the Catholic Church. This chilling revelation, akin to opening Pandora’s box, has triggered a tidal wave of outrage, despair, and questions that remain […]

The Unseen Hazard: Unraveling Sexual Abuse in Trucking Schools

line of commercial trucks parked at a trucking school, representing the industry where safety measures against sexual abuse need to be strengthened

Introduction The open road can be full of unexpected perils. From erratic weather to mechanical malfunctions, every turn holds potential threats for truck drivers. However, the most sinister dangers are not always as visible as a sudden storm or a faulty engine. Instead, they lurk in the shadows, hiding in places meant to equip drivers […]

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