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Hair Relaxer MDL 3060 Case Management Orders (CMOs)

All case management orders (CMOs) for the hair relaxer lawsuits consolidated in MDL 3060.

MDL 3060 Hair Relaxer Case Management Orders

Case management orders (CMOs) entered in MDL 3060 for the hair relaxer lawsuits. MDL 3060 is a newer MDL with only the initial case management orders entered at this time. Staying current with the hair relaxer case management orders is a good way to stay up to date on the status of MDL 3060. Bookmark this page, as hair relaxer case management orders are added once they have been entered on the docket for MDL 3060.

02/16/2023: CMO 1 – Applicability of Order, Consolidation of Actions, Filing, Service List, Extension and Stay, Purposes of Initial Hearing, Lead Counsel, Liaison Counsel, and Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee, Preservation of Evidence, Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 7.1 and Local Rule 3.2, Orders Entered by Transferor Court

03/30/2023: CMO 2 – Direct Filing and Service of Process in MDL 3060

04/17/2023: CMO 3 – Qualified Protective Order

05/18/2023: CMO 4 – Stipulated Protocol for Producing Documents and Electronically Stored Information (ESI)

05/24/2023: CMO 5 – Agreed Confidentiality, Privilege and Clawback Order

07/27/2023: CMO 6 – Initial Hair Relaxer Scheduling Order

08/03/2023: CMO 7 – Adoption of Short Form Complaint for Hair Relaxer Lawsuits

Hair Relaxer Lawsuit Information

For more information on the status and history of the hair relaxer lawsuits consolidated in MDL 3060, please visit our hair relaxer lawsuit MDL 3060 page. For a free consultation with our hair relaxer attorney, please call 202-792-7927.

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