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3DMax Hernia Mesh Lawsuit

3DMax Hernia Mesh

Bard’s 3DMax hernia mesh is prone to wrinkling and folding, causing many patients to experience chronic groin pain. 3DMax lawsuits are being filed for those who have had mesh removal or are in chronic pain

Ventralex Hernia Mesh Lawsuit

Lawsuit over Ventralex hernia mesh

Bard’s Ventralex hernia mesh is prone to deforming and buckling, leading to high rates of hernia recurrence and bowel complications. The Ventralex also includes both polypropylene and ePTFE, greatly increasing the risk of chronic infection.

PerFix Plug & Patch Hernia Mesh Lawsuit

PerFix Plug n Patch

Bard’s PerFix Plug & Patch hernia mesh is prone to migrating and has left many patients in chronic pain. PerFix Plug hernia mesh lawsuits are being filed for those who are in chronic pain or have had a testicle removed.

Ventralight ST Hernia Mesh Lawsuit

Ventralight ST delaminated hernia mesh

Bard’s Ventralight ST hernia mesh is prone to delamination and early resorption of its adhesion barrier. Ventralight ST lawsuits are being filed for adhesions and other bowel complications.

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